Anycast DNS network

Here you can find status information of network and network statistics. You can visit Detailed GeoIP Requests Map Here.

DNS requests per second processed by our anycast networks

Network A status (1438.08 req/sec)

Server Location Status Version
AR1A Buenos Aires, AR 0.0 req/sec 0.7.5
AU1A Sydney, AU 6.5 req/sec 0.7.5
BG1A Sofia, BG 0.0 req/sec 0.7.5
CL1A Santiago de Chile, CL 0.0 req/sec 0.7.5
CZ1A Prague, CZ 0.0 req/sec 0.7.5
CZ2A Brno, CZ OFFLINE 0.6.4
FR1A Paris, FR OFFLINE 0.7.5
IL1A Tel Aviv, IL 13.6 req/sec 0.7.5
NL1A Amsterdam, NL OFFLINE 0.7.3
RU1A Saint-Petersburg, RU OFFLINE 0.6.4
SE1A Stockholm, SE 0.0 req/sec 0.7.5
TZ3A Dar es Salaam, TZ 2.4 req/sec 0.7.5
US-LA2A Los Angeles, CA, US 0.0 req/sec 0.7.5
ZA1A Johanesburg, ZA OFFLINE 0.6.4

Network B status (2057.39 req/sec)

Server Location Status Version
AE1B Dubai, AE 3.3 req/sec 0.7.5
AU2B Melbourne, AU 536.1 req/sec 0.7.5
BG1B Sofia, BG 0.0 req/sec 0.7.5
CZ2B Brno, CZ OFFLINE 0.7.2
FR1B Paris, FR OFFLINE 0.7.5
JP1B Tokyo, JP OFFLINE 0.7.2
NL1B Amsterdam, NL OFFLINE 0.7.2
NL2 Amsterdam, NL 0.0 req/sec 0.7.5
RU1B Saint-Petersburg, RU OFFLINE 0.7.2
SG2B Singapore, SG 155.5 req/sec 0.7.5
TZ1B Dar es Salaam, TZ 2.4 req/sec 0.7.5
US-LA3B Los Angeles, CA, US 249.2 req/sec 0.7.5
ZA1B Johanesburg, ZA OFFLINE 0.7.2

Shortly About Us
Gransy is one of the main registrars and providers of Internet services in the Czech Republic. It is an accredited registrar of CZ domain names (CZ.NIC) and it has more and more ccTLD and gTLD accreditation worldwide.
Since 2010, it is also an ICANN accredited registrar.

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